Botanica Tinctoria

Last month Botanica Tinctoria officially launched in Toronto.  The beautiful line of products includes trimmings and threads in a range of colours.  These trims such as ribbons, rick rack and embroidery thread are all dyed using natural materials such as indigo and madder.

According to the Botanica Tinctoria website, “Reviving historical practices and implementing current environmental ideas, both organic and conventional cotton trimmings are dyed with BioDye India in a closed loop process. BioDye uses dyes, mordants and auxiliaries that are environmentally safe. Dyestuffs are obtained from sustainable sources such as leaves, fruits, by-products and regnerative stems, and all waste materials are biodegradable. In fact, waste products, including compost and irrigation-quality water, are used to grow dye and medicinal plants and food crops for in-house consumption. Through collaboration with village women’s groups, dyeplants are collected and firewood is obtained from renewable plantations and then used in fuel-efficient stoves in the dye house. BioDye also works with local farmers to support the re-introduction of indigo in agriculturally depleted regions, thus contributing to sustainable livelihoods.”

The line is available for purchase at the and

Sheridan College faculty member Thea Haines was at the launch and took these pictures.

photo 3 (1) photo 5photo 1 (2)

Botanica Tinctoria is the project of former Sheridan Textile Studio head Rachel MacHenry.  She is working on developing a fantastic group of block printed ribbons that will be added to the line in the future.

photo 4 (1)

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