Visiting Artist: Jennifer Maramba

Join us for an artist talk with Jennifer Maramba on Tuesday, October 28 at 11:15am.  It will take place in the Textile Studio Room AA04.

Jennifer will present contemporary T’nalak textiles. Through both images and video she will show the process of the T’nalak, the sacred cloth of the T’boli peoples.

In addition to traditional and contemporary T’nalak textiles, Jennifer will also present dyed abaca fibre samples, Loom of Buwat (Barbara Fanuy Kibed), and Ye Kemu – a textile created by Barbara Fanuy Kibed.


Jennifer Maramba is an Arts Educator in Philippines Indigenous Traditions. She is also a multi- disciplinary artist. Jennifer is a member of the Kapwa Collective, a group of Filipino Canadian artists, critical thinkers, and healers who work towards bridging narratives between the Indigenous and the Diasporic, and the Filipino and Canadian. The Kapwa Collective facilitates links among academic, artistic, activist, and other communities in Toronto.


To see more of Jennifer Maramba’s work:

The T’boli people are indigenous to the southern regions of the Philippines in Lake Sebu of South Cotabato.

T’nalak are patterns dreamed through the process of dream weaving. They are passed down from the designer and/or weaver’s ancestors or through Fu Dalu, the spirit of the abaca plant.

Poster Jen Maramba

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