Opportunities: fibreQUARTERLY call for submissions

Joe Lewis from Fiber Quarterly, is looking to publish a 750 word profile and 6 images from Canadian students who are finishing a course of study in a fibre / textile focused program or have used these materials and processes to produce their thesis work in an Arts program that does not offer classes in them. Diploma or degree program BA, MFA and PhD.  This would be a great opportunity for you promote your work and to connect with the broader textiles community.

Details below:

Joe Lewis is providing the space but not the editorial support. His guidelines below are as follows:

  • “Do not write about yourself in the third person (this is not a press release)
  • Label your jpeg of your work in the following way: “Number_your_name_name_of_work_date”
  • On your corresponding Image list please provide a breakdown of materials and process / or processes used.
  • Submission can be made in the language of the program English or French if you want to provide a translation that will also be published.
  • [For English speakers: be aware the respect for and appreciation of textile and fibre work: the province of Quebec is both different and greater then the rest of Canada and I say this from first hand experience, so you might want to take that into consideration]”
Deadlines to meet:

Intent to participate: April 30th

Confirmation of Class editor if some one has made to offer: May 15th

Deadline for copy and images: June 1st.

Send enquirers or submissions marked “Class of 2014” to fibre_quarterly@ yahoo.ca
Please contact Joe directly if you have any questions here.

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